My Backpack

Here’s a list of what I carried on the Camino. I’ll also include the boots and clothes I wore. My total weight was about 9 kg, my backpack and contents was about 8 kg.

Backpack: Mountain Equipment Coop brand  It weighed 1.3 kg

Boots: Salomon X‑Ultra Mid GTX Light Trail Shoes (Women’s) My boots weighed 770 grams

Sleeping bag: Lafuma 40 degree bag  It weighed 1.25 kg

treated sheet and pillowcase

one pair pants, zipoff

2 pair shorts

3 t shirts

3 underwear, 2 socks, Helly Hansen light thermal tights

one fleece

one rainjacket, one rainpants

one hat

one scarf

Keen Whisper sandals for after walking

first aid kit, including compeed, tape, sissors, traumeel, vaseline, sunscreen, voltaren, elastic knee support, icepack, elastic tensor bandage, tiger balm, aleve

lightweight towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, tampons, medications, vitamin b12 pills

Brierly guidebook, St James Confraternity guidebook

iPad, iPad charger, iPod, iPod charger, adapter, flashlight

What would I change to reduce weight? I would carry a lighter backpack, something like this  which weighs 760 grams. I would carry just a treated pillowcase. I would only carry two shirts and one pants and one shorts. I would wear lighter trail shoes, like Siren Sport Light Trail Shoes, 595 grams. I would use something much lighter than Keen Whisper sandals (576 grams) for post walking.


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